• Sand & Water Play
• Painting

using a variety of materials i.e brush, string, vegetable painting, bubble painting, marble art, finger painting
• Gloop (cornflour & water)
• Shaving foam
• Sawdust / straw
• Clay
• Playdough
• Junk art
These creative activities give children an opportunity to get messy and explore using various materials.
They are using their senses, as well as gaining valuable scientific discoveries and learning opportunities.

We provide age appropriate activities for each child and whilst the safety of your child is of paramount importance to us, we do, however, encourage a certain amount of risk taking, which promotes their confidence and overall self esteem.

Your child will also be involved in a number of table top and floor play activities each day as well as construction, imaginative and role play, music, songs and rhymes, storytelling, gardening and cooking activities that are all designed to keep them well stimulated, busy and challenged!