Our Tots and Toddler rooms cater for children aged 2-3yrs.
Each room has a separate dining room where staff eat with the children further promoting the social aspect of meal times.
The children have access to their own child sized toilets which will promote independence and self help skills.

The layout comprises of a home corner, story area, physical area, sensory area and creative area. We acknowledge that this age group need space to explore with the support of our highly skilled staff.

We use natural materials throughout the Tots and Toddler Room to give the children real life experiences. It would not be unusual to find real potatoes, carrots, real pots and pans, kettle and toaster in the home corners.
The children in the Tots and Toddler Rooms are very creative, they would participate in lots of 'messy' activities such as, painting, playdough, soil, sand, gloop and cooking activities. Our aim is that your child will leave Aisling confident, independent and socially competent.