The concept of Forest School originates from Scandinavia and involves learning in an outdoor environment with a play based approach. Research shows that children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience over time, an increase in their self belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills as well as emotional well-being.

Being at a Forest school gives children space to take part in a ‘wild’ yet entirely safe environment. Here they can learn more independently and are encouraged to assess and take supervised risks and deal with unfamiliar, unpredictable situations and boundaries such as climbing trees or building a den and testing their own abilities in these situations.

We have been working in partnership with Colin Glen Forest Park since October 2017 to embark on our Forest School and have seen huge benefits to the children. The children, age 2yrs-12yrs participate in den building, tree rubbing, woodland skills, orienteering, building bug hotels.

Our Afterschool Children have exceeded all our expectations with the Forest School, with the only issue being the walking to and from the Top Entrance! They are so enthusiastic exploring, investigating, taking risks, helping each other and just being in nature. We are delighted that this summer's programme of 'The Great Outdoors' has been such a success and look forward to see how the Forest School progresses next term with the younger children.