Afterschool Room

We have 2 afterschool rooms at within the main building, catering for children Primary 1 - Primary 7.
We offer a breakfast club, school drop of and collection service from the local schools.

After a hard day at school, the children can relax in the quiet area or choose from a wide range of creative, construction and imaginative activities.
The children are involved in all aspects of the afterschools, from snack menu planning to choosing topics for play based learning.
We run a very comprehensive summer programme involving many outings and visitors.
Children are required to bring their own packed lunch on full days at afterschools.

We have the added bonus of a multipurpose hall that our afterschool children use throughout the year for extra-curricular activities such as Football, Basketball, Zumba, Karate.

Afterschool at Christ the Redeemer

Our afterschool at Christ the Redeemer Parish caters for children attending Christ the Redeemer Primary school and other schools in the surrounding area.
The afterschool room is self contained with a main playroom, toilets and kitchen area.
The children are free to plan and choose their own afternoon, and participate in a wide range of activities and outings.

We open from 7.30am - 6.00pm on the days when schools are closed.
Children are required to bring their own packed lunch on full days at afterschools.