We pride ourselves in providing a family orientated approach to day care and have established fantastic relationships with our parents. Throughout the year parents will be invited into the nursery to participate in various activities such as story-telling, music, songs & rhymes, and to join us on day trips.

We value parental input and appreciate their support. If parents have any special talents, or interesting jobs we encourage them to participate in sharing those talents with our children.

Stay & Play
Throughout the year we offer ‘Play & Stay’ Sessions in your child’s room. This provides you with the opportunity to come into nursery and participate in your child’s activities. Parents have found this to be a valuable experience, whereby they get to know their child’s friends, their favourite activities and gain a better understanding into our practice.
Home Visits
Within the Pre-School Room, staff will organise Home Visits with you during the first month of your child settling into this room. This is an excellent opportunity for staff to get to know your child on their terms and in their own environment. The transition from Toddlers to Preschool can be overwhelming. We have found that children and parents form a greater bond with staff following home visits. It has proven to ease the transition making it an enjoyable time for children, not a stressful one.

The home visits are very informal, staff will provide a booklet for parents and spend time getting to know each child in their home environment.

We celebrate children’s cultures and traditions; parental input in this area is promoted. Parents may be asked to give cookery demonstrations on foods from their culture or country of origin.

We recognise that parents are their child’s primary educators and acknowledge the difficulties some parents may face in leaving their child in daycare. We are committed in building mutual trust and respect in order to establish positive relationships with management, staff, the children and their families. Parent’s wishes regarding the care of their child will be taken into consideration and will be implemented accordingly, providing it is in the best interests of the child.

Parents are welcome to phone the nursery as often as they wish in order to satisfy themselves that their child is happy and content. Likewise, parents are welcome at any time of the day to drop into the nursery to discuss any issues or concerns that they may have.

Parents are asked to fill out questionnaires throughout the year, giving their opinions and views on various aspects of the nursery. These are confidential and are used to improve our practice and service.